We are Lyle and Jane, a Mr & Mrs living in the Angus countryside with our two children.

The home is very important to us; it is where we express ourselves, grow and find sanctuary. We have spent a lot of time curating our own environment to reflect our needs, as both a functional family home and a place to relax and unwind. Through this process we have discovered that often a bespoke item is the only way to get the perfect fit.

Following several successful years of running our own independent design practices we decided to combine our skills to create Mill Hill Studio.

At Mill Hill Studio we are inspired by and truly passionate about creating joy through good design.


Lyle McCance

Lyle creates the magic here at Mill Hill Studio. His skilled hands craft each and every piece that leaves our studio. Lyle is passionate about sustainably sourced materials, good design and quality detailing.

Gaining a top degree in Interior & Environmental Design, Lyle has a keen eye for architecture, construction and interior environments. He has won awards for his degree show collection which featured recycled materials.


Jane McCance

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